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Gucciardo Law Group, P.A. is a Stockbroker Fraud law firm specializing in representing harmed investors nationwide in all aspects of stockbroker or broker/dealer misconduct. Our Florida stockbroker fraud lawyers have recovered millions for victims of investment fraud by taking a personalized approach to each of our clients’ needs. If you believe you were harmed by securities fraud, the investment fraud attorneys at Gucciardo Law Group can analyze your claims and determine whether you have a rightful claim against the party that caused you harm. Investing in securities is often a risky endeavor that can result in the loss of hard-earned money. At times, these losses can be directly attributed to the misconduct of investment advisers and/or broker/dealers. As a Florida Stockbroker Fraud law firm, the Gucciardo Law Group is uniquely qualified to handle your claim. Our investment fraud attorneys collectively have over 25 years of securities law experience. While our practice is solely devoted to the representation of harmed investors, we have worked on the other side, representing brokers…we know all the strategies. Gucciardo Law Group offers free consultation and if your case is deemed to have merit, the securities fraud attorneys at Gucciardo Law Group agree to represent you on a contingency fee basis. You won’t owe us anything unless we recover for you.

FINRA Arbitration

In most cases, the harmed investor can avoid the costly and lengthy litigation process by resolving the matter through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Arbitration process. FINRA sets forth and enforces the rules and regulations governing brokerages nationwide. You can expect resolution to your case within 12-18 months on the initial filing. Our Florida Stockbroker Fraud law firm represents investors in FINRA Arbitrations nationwide. We will advocate on your behalf to help recover losses resulting from stockbroker misconduct.

Stockbroker Misconduct

There are many ways your stockbroker or financial adviser or broker/dealer can perpetrate unlawful misconduct upon unsuspecting investors. Some of the more common types of misconduct include misrepresentation, unsuitable investment recommendations, unauthorized trading, failing to supervise, financial elder abuse, and Ponzi schemes.


Broker misconduct occurs when a broker knowingly withholds information or gives false information about an investment. Typically, a broker has an undisclosed incentive to “push” a particular investment product, disregarding the investor’s investment objectives in favor of the broker’s own income. The broker may omit critical details important in the decision-making process. Failing to reveal facts about risk, or any other aspect of an investment, is a serious misconduct issue. It may prove difficult for an investor to know if he or she was misled. The stockbroker fraud attorneys at Gucciardo Law Group can help investors determine whether they have a viable misrepresentation claim.

Unsuitable Investments

An unsuitable investment is the result of a broker recommending an investment without regard to the investor’s needs, objectives, or risk tolerance. Brokers have a duty to know their clients and are required to recommend investment strategies based on the client’s investment profile. A broker is prohibited from recommending a securities transaction or strategy that is beyond an investor’s risk tolerance or financial means. Our experienced FINRA Arbitration attorneys can help you asses whether your financial injury occurred as a result of unsuitable investments.

Unauthorized Trading

Brokers are required by industry rules to discuss and attain permission to execute all trades with clients prior to making the investment unless the client expressly provides authorization allowing the broker to conduct trades without client consent. Brokers who trade in their client’s accounts without the client’s permission may have committed fraud. If evidence establishes that trades were made without the investor’s consent, the Florida stockbroker fraud attorneys at Gucciardo Law Group can assist in your financial recovery.

Failing to Supervise

Brokers’ employers are required to maintain and adhere to strict supervision guidelines regarding the brokers they employ and are thusly liable for any broker malfeasance that should have been caught if a proper monitoring system was in place. Our stockbroker fraud attorneys are here to help determine whether a broker/dealer’s failure to supervise its employees contributed to your financial loss.

Financial Elder Abuse

Older investors are often the prey of unscrupulous brokers. Typically, brokers offer investment product to elders that promise high returns with very little risk such as variable annuities. Brokers also prey on older investors with declining cognitive functions, offering them certain fraudulent ventures such as energy limited partnerships or investments in promissory notes. In sum, any malicious act undertaken by a financial service professional with the intent of misappropriating the monetary resources of an older individual may constitute financial elder abuse. If you believe you or a loved one may be a victim of financial elder abuse, our FINRA Arbitration attorneys are available to discuss your claim.

Ponzi Schemes

Ponzi schemes are also known as “pyramid schemes.” They are designed to defraud investors with the promise of high returns with minimal risk. Early returns for investors are generated by new investors’ inflow of money into the scheme. This initial artificial high return convinces investors to keep their money invested in the scheme under the belief that the investment product being used by the perpetrator is working as described. As you may surmise, Ponzi schemes are not sustainable as there is no real investment mechanism supporting the return on investment. If an investment sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Our expert securities fraud attorneys can assist you in determining whether your investment is a Ponzi scheme related investment.

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Gucciardo Law Group is a nationwide practice able to represent investors in FINRA arbitrations in all 50 states. Our group of experienced attorneys have over 25 years of collective experience in securities litigation and arbitration. Gucciardo Law Group has an office in Florida and an affiliation in New York with attorneys working to help investors recover losses resulting from stockbroker misconduct. The expert Florida stockbroker fraud lawyers at Gucciardo Law Group are aware of the catastrophic effects of significant financial loss resulting from stockbroker misconduct. We will work diligently and vigorously to provide you with representation to protect your rights. Contact us today at (844) 846-6075 or use our online form. One of our experienced attorneys will get back to you within 24 hours.

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by investments. Every day, millions of Americans trust their life savings – money that they earned from being experts in their own fields – to stock brokers who claim to have their best interests at heart.

Many brokers betray their clients’ trust to capture high fees.

The truth is that these savings aren’t just numbers in a bank account. Unethical stock brokers are making it near impossible for people to retire, forcing them to sell their homes, or making their clients leave retirement to take on another job.

We need to hold brokers responsible when they cause harm – at Gucciardo Law, that’s our mission.

Why We Care
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